Elemental Research

 "The law may win appeals, but the facts win trials.
No element of trial preparation is as important as fact investigation."

                                      - Continuing Legal Education Society of BC


In preparing for trial, you need to know ALL the facts. An effective advocate is equipped with the full picture, seeing not only helpful facts, but also the damaging land mines that can destroy a case if not sidestepped with advance knowledge.

At Elemental Research, we specialize in interview techniques that encourage witnesses to speak with candour and comfort, in the familiar surroundings of home, whether in person or by telephone.

We work with some of the most senior litigators, including John Godfrey of the MacIsaac Group, who uses Elemental Research exclusively on his files all over BC and Alberta, working by telephone and obtaining effective statements by fax or courier.

Unlike most investigation firms, we are not ex-police and do not use the bullying tactics that former police officers are prone to habitually use on witnesses.

Contact us for samples of our witness statements in such areas as:

  1. Liability

  2. Income loss

  3. Before-and-after MVA injuries

  4. Alcohol intake prior to driving

  5. Commercial litigation


Witness Interviews