Elemental Research

 "The law may win appeals, but the facts win trials.
No element of trial preparation is as important as fact investigation."

                                      - Continuing Legal Education Society of BC


Canadian courts are moving toward accepting more visual evidence, including photos, illustrations, maps, video and reconstruction animation. Effective photo documentation is worth far more than a thousand words – swaying a judge or jury, or convincing an adjuster to settle, can mean thousands more dollars.

For close to 30 years, Elemental Research has been providing lawyers with photos, videos and diagrams, including:

   Night-time photo reconstructions illustrating that pedestrians, cows, or vehicles            

     that should have, or could not have, been seen

   The grim reality of wounds, injuries and scarring
   Aerial and street-view photos of MVA or incident scenes
   Documenting obscured stop signs
   MVA scenes – skid marks, measurements, etc.
   Vehicle wreckages detailed, inside and out
   Impact damage (including frame & undercarriage)
   Sequential series depicting 'what the defendant driver should have seen'
   Unsafe conditions leading to slips, trips and falls, including measurements
   Evidence of poor maintenance

Photos & Graphics

Photo work-ups can be sent digitally or printed and presented in a trial-ready binder, with photos numbered for reference and an ER report of numbered descriptive details related to each photo.

Our photos and measurements have often been used by forensic engineers, who then complete their analysis without the cost of visiting the site.

Decades of experience, working with a variety of lawyers, means you can trust our illustrations will strengthen you case.