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 "The law may win appeals, but the facts win trials.
No element of trial preparation is as important as fact investigation."

                                      - Continuing Legal Education Society of BC


While the drinking-pattern defence for criminal cases has been largely

eroded by federal legislation, such information can still be very valuable

in civil cases.

For example, observational data from witnesses on the

prior-to-driving drinking pattern can be critical to success in personal

injury files. Such witness evidence can prove that impairment was not a

contributing factor in a motor vehicle accident. Our detailed statements

from credible witnesses can show (like 'last-drink' criminal defense) that a

driver did not have more than the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol in

his or her blood at the time of driving, even if blood tests taken later at

hospital show impairment.Such noted impairment specialists as Carolyn Kirkwood have repeatedly used drinking-pattern evidence obtained by Elemental Research.

For nearly three decades, Elemental Research has been trusted with

interviewing known witnesses, identifying and locating other witnesses, and

committing them to effective statements -- fortifying cases with the best

possible evidence.

Step into court with the confidence that comes with having all available

evidence. Anything less is at best a disservice to your client and at worst

professional negligence.

Worried about cost? Telephone interviewing allows us to work anywhere from

our office, with the travel savings passed on to you and your client.

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